Season 2, Episode 6 – All Good Things Come To The End

The final episode of Treehouse Studios…

…thank you everyone for watching our show over the years!!


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  1. 1

    Tom Stewart said,

    Really?! Crazy! Sad to see you close shop- I have to say that you guys have really stepped up your game this year! Wow!
    Seems like only yesterday i wrote about you guys, how time passes.

    Thanks for the laughs! Keep in touch.

  2. 2

    Wolfgang said,

    What the f**k! I’ve watched all your episodes and now the last one says “content from SME” and is not playable in my country. Tried tunneling it, but the video on youtube somehow breaks off at the beauty and the beast song… Could you make this work again? I would so love to see the end!



  3. 3

    Pete said,

    The reason for the SME error is bc of the song running at the credits. I haven’t had any probs watching it on youTube. I’ll try to re-upload w/o it.

  4. 4

    Wolfgang said,

    that’s cool, Pete! Where can I find it?
    Thank you!


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